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Refund Policy

Car Booking Cancellation Charges. Cancellation and Refund Policy on Booking

Planning to buy a car but changed mind later on for buying other manufacturer car or even postponing the buying decision. Know Cancellation Charges on canceling the booking 

Cancellation Charges

There could be one too many reasons for the cancellation of a booking. We are not going into
debate  -

» is it legal for dealers to take cancellation charges (as the car is still in their stock) or
» why to pay cancellation when the car is not registered or
» is the car custom built to pay cancellation charges

How to Safeguard against Cancellation Policy

It’s very important to check for Booking Cancellation Terms and Policy in Written (before making booking payment - Even if you are convinced to buy a car). What are the booking cancellation charges and their terms on them?

What if the dealer delays in your delivery or color not available or say finance application does not get approved or been charged higher interest rates or better discount offered by competition dealer. Ensure to get this in writing before making a booking with them.
Verbal commitments are least to get honored - in case of any dispute later on.
Never go in for a booking - wherein a line or clause mentioned that " In case of cancellation, cancellation charges will be applicable" Ensure to have the amount clearly mentioned against it. Else, the dealer may even charge you Rs. 10,000 on a worse note in name of cancellation charges. 

There have been multiple instances - wherein cancellation charges are waived - due to clear terms in black and white with dealer and 100% of the booking amount is refunded.

Below are Cancellation Charges which are deducted from Booking Amount

» Tata Motors - Rs. 2500 - Rs. 3000
However - if the car papers are sent for Registration - with a number been allotted - it most likely scenario - the dealer will not cancel the booking or may forfeit a hefty sum in event of cancellation - as the car will be treated as registered.